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Pulling together opinion, analysis, interviews and features on the profession along with a focus on the key issues affecting accountancy and the world of business.

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Cost of doing business

Insights, analysis and resources for organisations facing rising costs of doing business amid a multitude of challenges, including energy prices, inflation, supply chain disruption and staff recruitment and retention.

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Business meeting

A listing of one-off Insights specials that focus on a particular subject, interviewing the key people, identifying developing trends and examining the underlying issues.


The vital role our profession must play in reaching net zero
Thinking differently: what are the benefits of neurodiversity in your organisation?
What The Dasgupta Review means for Business and Accountancy
The financial controller who stole £20,000: 4 lessons to help you stop internal fraud

The opinions expressed by external guest speakers in interviews or other publications included on this website are, by their nature, those of the speaker. They are not necessarily fully endorsed by the ICAEW or purport to reflect the official policies and views of the ICAEW or its members.

Insights by topic

Annual Conference: Technology

Technology, particularly AI, is transforming the way we work. ICAEW's Annual Conference gives you a chance to hear experts on:

  • Whether ChatGPT could take accountancy jobs.
  • The role of AI in ESG reporting.
  • Digital transformation: reality vs hype.

Join us in London on 2 November for the full-day event to discuss these issues and much more.

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ICAEW Annual Conference 2023: Technology
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